Diagnóstico operacional

The primary objective of our diagnostic service is to support decision-making to improve short-term mine planning and operational field practices. Our model is backed by an experienced field work team whose worke encompasses different large-scale mining operations in Chile. It is aimed at both open pit and underground mines.

Our team has developed a diagnosis program based on in-field and remote inspections, seeking to channel information and deliver an early response focused on providing comparative process solutions. Our mining consulting service is endorsed by in-field and management experience, and the human quality of our team - active engineers and instructors that generate expected results to our customers.

In-field improvement opportunities

Drilling and blasting

Equipment selection and sizing

Operational task design

Production cycles

In-field supervision

Radio dispatch

Caex circuit

Reducción de Tiempos Perdidos

We control the impact on the PDC (process dynamics and control) partial cost, understanding the significant effect on the total value of the drilling process, which is not necessarily related to the work developed in the field or the working parameters observed in the operator or the equipment.

D&B Improvement Processes:

Risk Identification and control

Risk workshops

Definition of controls and responsibilities

Drilling bit/bar quality control

As a team composed of engineers and instructors, we seek to communicate knowledge and generate trust with our client’s workers, following a process of constant feedback.

Facilitation of quality circles

Facilitation of workshops

5S of processes

With the objective of enhancing human capital, we carry out technical instructions in equipment operation for open pit and underground mines. We improve production and performance indicators, reducing unnecessary movement (Frederick Winslow Taylor principle).

Improved operational practices:

Equipment instruction

Reducción de movimientos innecesarios,

Loading at ramp edges

Loading with high pollution

Unstable floor loading

Loading in bench edges

Loading and dumping

Maintenance of dumping areas

“Como equipo de ingenieros e instructores buscamos como resultado transmitir conocimientos y generar un vinculo de confianza con los trabajadores de nuestros clientes siguiendo un proceso de retroalimentación constante. Comparar la especulativa del modelo matemático con la realidad en el proceso productivo nos permite ser efectivos en producción y seguridad, definir recursos y utilización cuantificada de equipos”.

Asesoría proveedores

We support the companies that collaborate with mining in business risks management, transformation and control in projects. With our advice you will be able to open new service opportunities and you can resolve concerns about current requirements. Mining is changing and we need change with it.

Our team will accompany you in the process of study, evaluation and management of current and future tenders and contracts.


KPI’s Review

Contract SWOT

Introduction to the Financial Market Commission (FMC)

We support our clients transformation processes towards current, national and international certifications, complying with the requirements of responsible mining.

Internal audit

Audit preparation

Internal advisory - External audit advisory

Our professional team has strong competencies focused on creating new business opportunities and identification of improvements on mining.


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